Introducing a more convenient way to manage your medical bills

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About the program

We believe that you shouldn’t have to navigate the confusion of multiple bills and due dates just to get the care you need. Neither should your doctor.

To help solve this, we’re partnering with doctors and hospitals to bring you a new program that makes it easier to manage your medical bills—so you can focus less on paperwork and more on getting better.

As a member you’ll receive a single, unified billing statement from us for any care received from providers participating in our program.

Will I get billed twice from my doctor?

You shouldn’t. Going forward, you’ll receive a single statement from us containing a breakdown of any services you receive from our provider partners.

However, if you receive medical care from doctors who may bill separately from our participating providers, such as an ER doctor, you will receive a separate bill for those services.

Our goal is to continue to bring on additional partners so all of your bills are truly unified.

Do I still need to pay at time of service?

Yes. You should still pay any copay, coinsurance, or other cost-share amounts that your provider asks you to pay before or at the time of service.

Any amount you pay directly to your provider will be reflected on your statement.

Program benefits
Consolidated experience

Manage fewer bills and payment deadlines

We’ll consolidate your medical bills similar to a credit card statement, making it much easier for you to view, understand, and make a payment towards a single balance.

Budget friendly

Customize a payment plan to fit your budget

Take control of your medical spending with our flexible, 0% interest payment plans. Choose a term length, up to 12 months, that works best for you and your family.

Human touch

Dedicated support to help guide you

We’re patients too and know all of this can feel confusing. Call (888) 282-9589 with any questions you may have about this new program or about possible payment options.

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Private and secure

We adhere to the most up-to-date security and HIPAA compliances.

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Available anywhere

Access your account anytime from any device with a web browser.

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Focus on getting better

This program allows your doctor to focus on you instead of paperwork.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign up for this program?

No. If you’re a Blue Shield of California member and have received medical care from any providers participating in this program, you’ll automatically receive a consolidated bill.

Why is my health plan introducing this program?
The goal of this new billing experience is to simplify managing your medical bills and to let your doctor focus less on paperwork and more on you. This program:
  • Simplifies your life with fewer bills and one place to send payment, similar to a credit card statement
  • Lets you sign up for a payment plan through OODA Health and pay a minimum per month if needed, with no financing fees
  • Provides dedicated support to answer your questions
How do I pay my bill?

It’s easy to pay by text, web, phone, or mail. If you have a problem with your bill, are unable to pay it by the due date, or have any questions about your bill or the consolidated billing program, call (888) 282-9589.

What if I have existing balances due to my provider?

If you owe any balances for services received from a provider not participating in the program, you will continue to receive a separate bill for those services. You’ll want to work directly with the provider to pay for those services.

Dedicated support to help guide you

Call (888) 282-9589 with any questions you may have about this new program or about possible payment options.

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